A night to remember

This is one of the best experiences I had so far. One of my close friends tied the knot on April 28, 2018, and now she wants me to be next, lol. (Sweetie, it will take time). I have attended many weddings but this was a bit special as I get to witness the rituals I was unaware of and this is due to the closeness I and my friend hold and also different religions we follow. Majority of the times I saw Hindu weddings on the television and this time I saw it live. Sadly, I can’t disclose the couple’s image due to privacy condition but you guys will witness me in the gorgeous lehnga-choli I get to wear on her marriage. Not gonna lie, it felt amazing dressing up in Indian wear after so long. Even though I cannot upload bride’s pictures but I can surely express she looked stunning in her lehnga-choli. the colour was somewhere between magenta and ruby pink and it suited her quite well then what she expected as she was opting for red but due to some reasons, she had to choose this colour.

Anyways, coming back to me, it was actually a gown when I got it but I wanted to wear lehnga-choli so I had the dress altered to fit me as I wanted. My mum got me the dress and it’s golden and pink brocade skirt made it look quite elegant as I have seen many dresses with heavy embroidery and embellishment which I don’t prefer for now and also, I didn’t want to steal her thunder :p. Unfortunately, I was busy with the arrangements and calming my friend on her big day I couldn’t click many pictures.





It was bitter-sweet as she was leaving us but I wish her and jiju for a new beginning with all the love.

Thank you so much!

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